Indian Taxation

Indian Taxation

Indian tax system has direct and indirect taxation procedure. Direct taxes are levied upon individuals and business earning.

The calculation and filing often becomes a drawback and people need a financial tax calculation expertise for the same. Some are fearful and ignore the tax compliance value for the government.
We offer our expert services for filing the ITR with correctness and arrange all the necessary tax filing tools for the business house and individuals
Indian taxation system is governed by its constitutional law jurisdiction acts and governance as set by its Central Government while the State Governments have their own taxation laws and regulations.

The income tax departments from various states and central government govern and monitor all the situations, challenges and compliance.
Indian constitutions have made tax evasion a punishable offence as per Indian Penal Code.

Individual Taxation

Indian individual taxation procedure is considered complex and many people like to fill at the income tax of India website.
We offer our automatic tax filing features that have the authentic form availability section, fill up guidance, secured document storage and information facility, and we ensure the tax receipt on time.
We provide an all tax payer system to meet the all the tax compliance related to individual income tax , wealth tax or a corporate tax and ready to serve many more.

• File all ITR Sahaj forms through us
• Know your tax filing status
• Calculate your tax as per income documents and Form 16
• Avoid Penalties for late filing of ITR
• Know the latest schemes and forms to get a tax reduction benefit
• File a tax refund check with us now
• Save your taxable money through investments

Corporate Taxation

Indian jurisdiction imposes a direct tax on the income or present capital of the corporations and business houses. Corporate income taxes are as per the mandatory rule and regulations of the Central government of India.
• We provide all the necessary information and forms required to file the tax regularly
• We enable a tax planning for an end number of years as per your business profits
• We calculate effective tax rate from various Income statements and capital
• We provide separate solutions for NRI’s as per Indian law and tax regulations
• We offer tax saving and refund objectives in advance and secure your money
• We save enough time and energy through our Smart online resources
• Filing and Documentation of the ITR Naya Saral forms for various businesses and corporate houses
• Source Tax Audit and enable a timely ITR plan
• Enable, inform latest corporate tax cut measures and procedures

PAN & TAN services

PAN and TAN unique number is required to deduct taxes through a direct and indirect form. All individuals and business houses require a PAN card to file the taxes with an unique identification number.
PAN is Permanent Account Number used in all kinds of financial verification
TAN is Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number used for deductions authority from customers and get a legal grade of goodwill
TAN unique number is required for businesses and organizations that collect and deduct taxes for selling their goods and services.

• Apply for a PAN and TAN number through us
• We get the application filled and ensure that you receive a receipt
• We enable online service availability and work from business home strategy

GST Returns & Compliances including registration process

GST registered business need to file three returns per month -GSTR 1, GSTR2 and GSTR 3. An annual return is also mandatory to meet the complete GST compliance.
• We complete all the 37 GST filing returns for you timely in each state where the trade is done
• We furnish you with all transactional details required to file the same
• Get GST refund detail through our channel and smart response
• Know all the terms and conditions to register a GST number
• You need to project a business of more than 75,000 crores to apply for a GST number
• You need many documents and procedures while applying for a GST
• You need to produce all proper documents of companies’ financial report to the Security Exchange Council
• We have made it all easy for your we offer our end to end solutions for the same- Call US Now

ROC compliances

Every legal company needs an approval from the Registrar of companies to continue a business. The Registrar of Companies issues a certificate of incorporation which is the final evidence of the companies’ legal and perpetual existence.
All companies in India need to pay a return of deposits .It is not applicable for Government companies.
Various kinds of Forms need to be filed with proper documentation such as DIR 3 KYC, Disclosure of interest MBP 1, MGT 14, and DPT 3. We make necessary documents or file it all for you in time.

We meet all the ROC compliance checklist requirement that includes various forms and document submission with a review.
• DPT 3 form filling
• MSME form filling
• INC22A
• Disclosure of Interest
• MGT 14 to ROC
• eForm Ben 2
• AOC 4
• MGT 7

We provide all the necessary documents. Make and synchronize as per ROC compliance.

Book keeping & Accounting Services

You have no need to be concerned about your Annual Book Keeping or Business Accounting requirement.
We provide financial experts and software to streamline your accounts management and book keeping.
• We have a team of experts who handle your income and expenditure accounts
• We maintain your book keeping while keeping the records of your financial transactions
• We prepare financial statement ,balance sheet and income statements
• We use latest. modern accounting software’s and hardware’s to secure all your documents
• We streamline all your necessary financial documents and offer to fulfil all the finance compliance of the company

Call us – Know More

MSME Registration & compliances

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises need to register FORM 1 as a necessary compliance for the specified companies. They need to file the Form 1 every half yearly to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
We enable, manage all the documentation and filing of Form 1.
Micro industries are those who have made Investment less than Rs.1 crore Turnover less than Rs.5 crore.
• MSME registration is required who want to opt for it
• MSME registration enables government benefits directly
• Incentives on Products of exports
• Several MSME statutory ,low interest rates form the government
• We enable MSME and Udyog Aadhar registration through prompt documentation filing
• We offer end to end industry tax compliance and measured finance solutions