Canadian Taxation

Canadian Taxation

Canada Revenue Agency is responsible for all tax governance in the country. Canada has a unique tax system and most of the tax payers use the local online agent forum.

We offer you a full online and dedicated tax paying platform for Canada tax payers . The need of social distancing and sanitization is at the top mandate during the recent pandemic scenarios.

You need to get away from the perils and pay your taxes timely, securely by choosing our smart tax filing and compliance service. Canada has a defined tax filing time that starts from February and carries through the month of April .

You owe a tax for your profession and have to pay a premium for your pension. Same is required to pay for your employment insurance which depends on your self-employment income. We serve all personal tax mandate as per CRA.

We help you file online and provide all the necessary and timed updates with alerts.

Personal Taxation

Filing a tax in Canada is important for all individuals. There is no age bar for the filing of tax. There are various tax benefit programs for the elderly or even two-year-old kid that depends upon the total income through various sources in a year.

Incase you plan to leave Canada for more than six months; you are eligible to pay a tax up to July. You can contact us for any such overpayment that may occur due a lack of tax compliance information

• Know when you need to pay a tax when earned income is more than standard deduction
• Arrange all your income documents on time and pay through us as we plan your tax deduction as per your plan term request
• If you seek a Canada Retirement benefits you can do so get to know about it from us
• We avoid and prevent tax stimulus checks and penalty loss records through our smart tax solutions
• Declare your self-employment through form T2125 ,while providing a statement for business activities
• We enable , fulfil your form T1 requisites
• We act as an tax preparer and pay utmost attention, apply secured online documentation methods while filing it for you
• We meet all the CRS tax paying brackets and accurately calculate it for you
• We provide a full comparison between your previous year tax calculation to the present one
• Check you tax refund status from us
• Know and plan your income tax benefit package
• Our Learning resources provides you a wide era of new Canadian Personal Tax Reforms
• Get information about your personal income tax filing plan
• Get your tax slips from our accredited online tax paying facility
• We help you understand you Notice of Assessment
• Get and register all your T3, T4 and T5 income and investment information
• Report and send your tax return through us
• Know your tax filing deadlines, obligations and refund process details

Corporate Taxation

Canada corporate taxation is considered expensive due to its direct deduction methods.
But the Canada financial laws have offered various legal ways to reduce it . Canada corporate houses pay a provincial and territorial tax.
Standard corporate taxation rate is 15 percent. We expertise in TAX Gap filing and compliance.

• We provide a Canada Tax Calculator
• Enable the correct form for filling and file the corporate tax return
• Assure the Tax Slip and tax benefit plans
• Suggest tax saving measures such include your small business
• We are smart and avoid stimulus checks
• Exact T2 filing and avoid any king of filing mistakes. documentation and deliver a tax compliance best practice
• We are efficient in calculating corporation tax rates, business return filing
• We allow a smooth tax filing process through our online resources
• Calculation of Provincial and Territorial tax amount and procedure
• Analysis of the Canada corporate tax with the federal tax