Ammendment Filing

Ammendment Filing

Amendment filing facilitates to revise your tax return. One should file an amended tax return, if there is a need to correct any part of information that will alter your tax calculations. You can use an amended return to make corrections to your filing status, dependents, income, deductions, or tax credits.

Possible reasons for Amendment filing:

  • Claiming additional dependents,
  • Removing dependents - Previously claimed by error,
  • Reporting your proper filing status,
  • Reporting additional income - from a W2, 1099, or other income statement,
  • Making changes in your above-the-line deductions, standard deduction or itemized deductions,
  • Changing your personal exemptions,
  • Claiming additional tax credits, removing tax credits mistakenly taken, or recalculating the amount of the credits
  • Reporting additional withholding - from a W2 or 1099.

Any revision of filing which are resulting in additional tax refunds should file the amendment filing within Three years time. This three-year period is measured from the date you filed your original tax return

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