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About Us

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Founded in 2011, Consortax has grown rapidly over time to become a renowned name in the online tax consulting business. Our range of services include live and offline tax planning, tax return filing, ITIN processing, payroll filing services, and much more.

We are based in Miami USA and Phoenix USA

Known for our client-centric approach, with 9 years of industry leading experience, Consortax has helped thousands of salaried individuals and consultants fulfill their tax needs across the globe.

We aim to build business relationships with our clients for the long term, building stable growth and trust.

Over the years, our clients have found great value in dealing with Consortax and our agents, who are highly experienced and reliable.

Consortax is quickly becoming an industry leader when it comes to international tax services. We make the entire process as simple as can be while allowing our clients to fulfill their requirements with ease and simplicity.

We keep the entire process transparent and open, involving our clients in our operations, building more trust and belief in our services. It is for this reason, that we have clients that happily return to us every year.

Our team of highly trained professionals utilize a client-centric approach, meaning that each one of our partners receive a dedicated interview wherein their needs are discussed.

We plan for individual cases to make sure that our customers receive nothing short of the best service available.

Consortax believe strongly in an end to end client satisfaction spectrum. We are ready to serve all of your tax return, filing and compliance documentation

Over time, Consortax has become a trusted name worldwide. Our operations in the USA and Canada are being successfully carried out with satisfied customers around the globe.

Feel free to contact us at any time for any queries you may have and how we can help you with your tax related needs. Our helpful staff is always available to assist you when required.

Our Process

We start through a live interaction that happens when you call us, login, register or Pre Login as a client, email us or chat with us live in a video forum. One thing is for sure that we will have all answers and financial tax information resources.

Request a call back every time you need us.

• Register your file and filing year
• Schedule for interview and provide tax notes
• Upload Tax Documents as W2,1099 etc
• View tax return and make payment
• Review, confirm and File your tax return
• We act immediately by understanding your question
• We have easy understandable form filing section , tax calculators, document uploading and document sharing platform
• We often visit client’s operational destination
• Provide you the best digital solution
• Ask for few documents, inform you the tax filing status
• Provide additional tax information or procedural explanation
• Calculate your tax, file it for you while forecasting your future tax planning, refunds and share latest information.

Respond to Us Now :
Call Us At: +1 909-330-1099 | 909-492-7979 | 909-991-7200
Email Us At: info@consortax.com

Our office:
1) 55 SE 6th St, Unit 1910, Miami, FL 33131
2) 5126 W Swayback Pass, Phoenix, AZ 85083